Experience Meets Innovation

Gulbrandsen Technologies is passionate about science, and the power of innovative chemistry to improve health and wellness across the globe.

Our Purpose and our passion is to make your life better through innovative science.

Because science by its nature is creative, Gulbrandsen’s leaders are committed to a culture of innovation. That’s what fuels our big ideas, challenges our way of thinking, and opens the door to new business opportunities. It’s what differentiates us from our competitors.

As such, innovation and creative freedom are priorities at Gulbrandsen Technologies, nurtured throughout all levels of the organization. For decades, it has been a focal point for investment and a cornerstone of our corporate culture. Because of this, our company continues to grow and strengthen existing customer relationships, while entering new categories, where our chemistry is making a difference in people’s lives.


Being Your Creative Best

Providing our people maximum flexibility within a corporate culture that values intellectual curiosity and innovative thinking.


Going the Extra Mile in Every Interaction

Responding quickly and creatively to evolving customer needs.


Trust Runs Deep at GTI

Doing what we said, as we said, when we said – while never compromising on integrity. Period.


Our Best Work Happens Through Partnership

Creating elegant and innovative solutions by serving as Knowledge Partners to our customers.

Continuous Learning

At GTI, We’re All on a Learning Journey

Inspiring lifelong learning throughout all levels of the organization with intentionality, tools, training and guidance.


People First

Showing all individuals the highest levels of respect and a willingness to help in every situation – like dealing with a friend.

We’re a company built on Trust, Responsiveness and Innovation

Our Teams Play to Win

GTI's team of world-class technologists, innovators and customer advocates represent the intersection of experience and innovation.

To realize the company’s greatest potential, this team consistently ventures outside its comfort zone to provide our customers with outstanding value and unique results!

Scientists, Engineers & Chemists

on our worldwide team

Years Experience

between our leadership team

Employees worldwide

representing 4 different cultures

Training & Development

We are committed to providing the tools and opportunities that enable our people to actively engage in learning, master their tradecraft and learn new skills, while driving more value across the organization and setting the stage for ever-better corporate performance.


A Culture of Learning

At Gulbrandsen Technologies, we never stop learning. Our founder, Don Gulbrandsen, established a culture of learning and continuous improvement over three decades ago which is still going strong today. The company remains focused on personal and professional development and providing the tools and training necessary for our people to pursue a life-long learning journey.

Foundations for the Future

Ours is a specialized business, requiring employees with industry-specific knowledge and technical experience. As such, we’re not only focused on attracting top talent – but also retaining and growing that talent by providing overall job satisfaction and a great culture that makes people want to stay! That means great leaders. GTI’s Foundations for the Future platform provides world-class training for our leaders, helping them effectively communicate, build trust and inspire their teams to do their best work.


Community Engagement

We are committed to providing the tools and opportunities that enable our people to actively engage in learning, master their tradecraft and learn new skills, while driving more value across the organization and setting the stage for ever-better corporate performance.

Health & Wellness

With a special focus on women and children, Gulbrandsen Technologies supports numerous initiatives to provide accessible healthcare, supplies and education to our local communities. This includes everything from promoting local women’s sport, donating nutrition and hygiene kits, gifting an ambulance van to Jhagadia – PHC and sponsoring the construction of the Primary Health Sub-Centre in Fulwadi Village.

Disaster Relief

With our values-based approach we’re also there to help in times of need, like providing disaster relief in Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

Environmental Sustainability

GTI has planted thousands of fruit-bearing trees through Green Belt Development projects in local villages, including rainwater harvesting systems


Accessible education is one of the best ways to lift people out of poverty and help them towards stability and self-reliance. That’s why we launched the Gulbrandsen Education & Mentorship Scheme (GEMS), providing school supplies, tuition and transportation for students in Jhagadia District, in addition to donating a computer lab and STEAM lab for students in Kapalsadi.

GTI Employees

…are trustworthy – always enjoying maximum flexibility…are global thinkers – always sharing knowledge…are passionate – always challenged to be their Creative Best…are highly respectful – always willing to help…are fun loving – always striving to make a difference

Ready for Your Career at GTI?

As an innovative chemicals supplier focused on growth, we’re always interested in adding skilled, passionate and collaborative professionals to the team. If you like what you see, be sure to check out our open positions and explore the possibilities at Gulbrandsen Technologies!