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The world's population is growing and demanding more from the leading manufacturers of personal grooming products. GTI partners with those Antiperspirant producers to meet their growth needs and capture marketplace advantage. We co-create longer-lasting, higher-performing antiperspirant products, while improving cost efficiency along the entire supply chain and meeting the world’s growing demand for Antiperspirant Actives.


Future Ready

The next generation of antiperspirant actives at your fingertips

Security of supply at the speed of innovation

Trusted processes and established supply chains ensure speed and reliability of product delivery

Your Knowledge Partner

Building, sustaining and growing long-term partnerships

Everything You Need From a Strategic Partner in Personal Care

GTI continues to invest in R&D enabling us to design and deliver innovative Antiperspirant Actives for the Global Personal Care market. Proven R&D expertise, Engineering excellence and a Commitment to Innovate allows us to collaborate with partners to make and manufacture ‘future ready’ products.

Our Products

Let innovation lead the way! A history of effectively listening to customers has helped us understand the ever-evolving Personal Care market. The only way to Win-Win is to always look for new ways of thinking and to put our unique ideas to the test. We have three core practices; a professional approach to R&D; a highly efficient Supply Chain; and an elegantly engineered Scale Up with speed and efficiency.



GTI's Plus Series

GTI's Plus Series

Enhanced performance molecules for aerosols, roll-ons, gels, sticks and soft solids

Achieve AERO+ Aerosols
Achieve DRY ON+ Roll-ons and Gels
Achieve AP+ Sticks and Soft Solids

AP Actives

AP Actives

GTI’s high-quality portfolio of AP Actives for cost-competitive powders and liquids

ACH Powders & Liquids
ZAG Powders & Liquids
AZAG Powders & Liquids
AACH Powders

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