Personal Care

Security of Supply at the Speed of Innovation

The world’s population is growing and demanding more from the leading manufacturers of personal grooming products. GTI partners with some of the biggest brands in the Personal Care space to meet their growth needs and capture marketplace advantage. Together, we help co-create high-quality, innovative molecules – from anti-perspirant actives to multi-use polyethylene waxes – while improving cost efficiency for our customers along the entire supply chain.


Future Ready

The next generation of Antiperspirant Actives, Deodorant Ingredients and multi-use Polyethylene Waxes, Alcohols and Ethoxylates.

On time, every time

Trusted processes and established supply chains ensure speed and reliability of product delivery

Your Knowledge Partner

Building, sustaining and growing long-term partnerships

Antiperspirant Actives and Deodorant Ingredients

GTI’s ACHIEVE portfolio includes a variety of high-quality antiperspirant actives, founded on our decades of experience in aluminum-based chemistry. Our new STRIVE line consists of zinc-based compounds, with anti-microbial properties, that are used in deodorant applications.

Everything You Need From a Strategic Partner in Personal Care

GTI’s commitment to the Personal Care industry is shown by its ongoing investment in innovation. We continue to grow our R&D expertise and engineering excellence, which enables us to design and deliver unique chemistry in collaboration with our partners. This in turn helps them make and manufacture ‘future ready’ products ahead of the competition!


Personal Care brands must innovate and commercialize quickly in order to retain marketplace differentiation and competitive advantage. Partnering with Gulbrandsen Technologies helps customers achieve the speed and efficiency they need to compete – and win – in the global antiperspirant and deodorant market.

AP Actives

AP Actives

GTI’s high-quality portfolio of AP Actives for cost-competitive powders and liquids

ACH Powders & Liquids
ZAG Powders & Liquids
AZAG Powders & Liquids
AACH Powders

Deodorant Products

Deodorant Products

Zinc Ricinoleate neutralizes body odor through two primary mechanisms: Complexation with odor-causing molecules (binding to and encapsulating odor-causing molecules); and inhibition of bacterial growth (antimicrobial properties helping to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria on the skin).

Specialty Waxes, Alcohols and Ethoxylates

INSPIRE™ Polyethylene Waxes & Alcohols and Ethoxylates are created with specific properties that make them excellent structurants, providing consistency to even the most demanding formulations in personal care and cosmetic products. These versatile components bring dimensional stability to solid sticks and improved emolliency and stabilized viscosities to emulsions, creams and lotions – and much more!

Let innovation lead the way!

A history of effectively listening to customers has helped us understand the ever-evolving Personal Care market. The only way to Win-Win is to always look for new ways of thinking and to put our unique ideas to the test. We have three core practices; a professional approach to R&D; a highly efficient Supply Chain; and an elegantly engineered Scale Up with speed and efficiency.

Our Products

Our Polyethylene Waxes & Alcohols, and Ethoxylates are fully linear and fully saturated, exhibiting low molecular weight and narrow carbon distribution. They deliver sharp melt points, rapid recrystallization, low melt viscosities, and excellent heat stability. These versatile products can be used as film formers, thickeners, viscosity modifiers, and oil stabilizers.

Product Applications


Antiperspirant & deodorant sticks


Lipsticks and balms


Creams and lotions




Hair waxes


Color cosmetics

Polyethylene Wax

Polyethylene Wax

INSPIRE synthetic waxes function as a rheology modifier, film former, and oil thickening agent. INSPIRE’s structure is completely linear with a narrow molecular weight distribution resulting in a lower melt temperature than most traditional synthetic waxes. In formulations INSPIRE synthetic waxes improve stick stability, oil structure, uniform pay-out, and light feels on skin.

PE Alcohols

PE Alcohols

The INSPIRE 9000 series is a high molecular weight, fully saturated long chain, linear alcohol. In formulations INSPIRE alcohols improve stick stability, oil structure, uniform payout, film forming, and light water resistance. It is compatible with silicones as well as other cosmetic oils and acts as oil thickening, rheology modifier which helps with oil phase stability.

PE Ethoxylates

PE Ethoxylates

INSPIRE PE are ethoxylated linear polyethylene alcohols with high temperature stability. This multi-functional material can emulsify polymers, oils (including silicone and vegetable), as well as waxes. The INSPIRE 8000 series is non-ionic, making it compatible with a wide rane of other emulsifiers (cationic, anionic and non-ionic) and provides excellent dispersion of solid particles and pigments.

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