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Empowering our Customers with Elegant Chemistry, World-Class Engineering and Integrated Service: Whether you’re seeking to optimize costs, streamline processes or maximize performance, Gulbrandsen Technologies, Inc. (GTI)  is the strategic partner you’re looking for to help you achieve your business goals. 

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Gulbrandsen Technologies Announces Latest Geographic Expansion in Indonesia!

Producing unique value in all segments we serve: Personal Care, Water Treatment and Life Sciences

Security of Supply at the Speed of Innovation

Getting our high-quality products to you where you need them, when you need them



For over three decades, we have built and improved our processes and trusted supply chains, ensuring speed and reliability of product delivery.


Global Footprint

Our multiple, strategically located facilities create supply redundancy and additional capacity as needed.



Our production capacity and engineering capabilities allow for scalable and customizable manufacturing.



We are committed to meeting or exceeding all regulatory and legal requirements, while predictably and reliably delivering superior products around the globe.

Safety & Sustainability

As we develop more sustainable ways of living and working, our goal is to have a positive impact on our environment. At GTI, we are committed to meeting or exceeding safety standards, consumer expectations and local and international regulations. 


Experience Our Chemistry

Using a uniquely collaborative business model, GTI works with customers to co-create innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of the marketplace. From higher performance molecules to new cost efficiencies to cleaner, greener processes, Gulbrandsen Technologies is here to help YOUR company achieve its highest priorities through chemistry.