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Experience meets Innovation

Business needs evolve with time. That’s why we apply over 35 years of global experience coupled with an ongoing commitment to innovation to offer products and solutions to meet those ever changing customer requirements.
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Experience Agility to address your needs ,
Experience Reliability & Ethics which shapes Trust
Experience Innovation that fuels product development
Experience Our Chemistry.

Our Products

Solutions driven by chemistry

With a focus on quality, safety and speed we offer innovative solutions across our business to match the specific needs of our customers

Why Us?

Innovating to learn and grow

Everything we do revolves around our customers. We actively listen and collaborate to clearly understand customer and market needs. Driven by a commitment to innovation, our experience and expertise allows us to develop unique products, seek to optimize costs and streamline processes – all with an eye to maximize the benefit to our customers.

Elegant Engineering
Safety, Quality, People First
Consistency And Speed

Certification & Compliances


New state-of-the-art API plant

We are coming up with Sucralfate API for pharmaceutical use in 2022

Gulbrandsen announces global price increase for antiperspirant products


Chemical manufacturing and the environment

As we develop more sustainable ways of living and working, our goal is to have a positive impact on our environment. At GTI, we are committed to meet or exceed safety standards, consumer expectations and local and international regulations.

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