Suez Canal Temporary Route Suspension


Gulbrandsen Technologies  | January 5th, 2024


Valued Business Partners;

As the tension in the Red Sea area increases, Gulbrandsen Technologies continues monitoring the potential impact on every single container shipped from our India and Indonesia plants, to the main ports in Europe, Latin America and the US. The most recent information received from the shipping lines, confirms that an important number of vessels has been rerouted via Africa’s southern Cape of Good Hope, negatively affecting standard lead times and freight costs.

Gulbrandsen’s Customer Service and Sales Teams are continuously working on assessing the transit time impact per container, and sharing real time information with all our partners. Additionally, our Supply Chain team is currently working with extended lead times in the production planning, and raising inventory levels in the affected locations. These actions will allow Gulbrandsen to reduce the risk of delayed deliveries to our customers in the following months.

While the conflict continues, we highly encourage all our partners to consider an increased lead time of approximately 2 – 3 weeks for every purchase order placed on Gulbrandsen. Gulbrandsen is making every possible effort to contain the cost impact arising from the prevailing situation. However, we may have to approach customers with temporary cost corrections in due course of time.  

Our organization’s priority is to keep our customers informed at all times and keep our communication channels always open. Please feel free to reach out to your commercial representative at your convenience, should you have any questions or concerns to discuss with us.

We are in this together!


Gulbrandsen Technologies Team.