Gulbrandsen Technologies enters vaccine market with aluminum-based adjuvants


Gulbrandsen Technologies is currently building a new facility for the production of aluminum-based adjuvants at its current site in Gujarat, India – strictly compliant with cGMP regulations for the manufacture of sterile vaccine adjuvants, targeting both human and veterinary applications.

According to company president, Vikram Singhal, Gulbrandsen Technologies has been making the world a better place for nearly four decades. “Gulbrandsen was founded in 1985, producing aluminum-based chemistry for use in municipal, industrial and customized water treatment solutions. Since the beginning, our passion for science has been helping to make communities everywhere safer, healthier, and more sustainable.”  

Over time, Gulbrandsen Technologies has developed a diverse portfolio of high-quality chemical products for a range of applications, including personal care products – and now vaccine adjuvants.

“Creating a reliable source of quality adjuvants for the developing world was the biggest factor in our decision to enter this space,” said Pritesh Chauhan, Deputy General Manager of New Business Development.  

“India has the largest vaccine production capacity in the world,said Pritesh. “From our door to the customer, it will be a very direct and simple supply chain. Simplicity equals customer savings as well as security and predictability”.

“We are excited to announce our entry into this new space,said Pritesh. “We look forward to meeting prospective new customers and new industry partners – inviting them to Experience Our Chemistry! 

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