Bringing Critical, New Products to Market: Gulbrandsen Technologies Invests in New Sucralfate Plant in Gujarat, India


Q&A with Pritesh Chauhan, Deputy General Manager of New Business Development at Gulbrandsen Technologies

Q:        Thanks for your time, Pritesh! Can you give us a quick overview of how new business opportunities are developed at Gulbrandsen Technologies?

PC:       It starts with the exploration of opportunities related to our primary business verticals and adjacent industry segments. We identify potential new products based on how well they match with our technical expertise, supply chain synergies, the overall competitive environment, and customer needs.

Any worthwhile opportunity needs to provide Gulbrandsen Technologies with a competitive advantage to succeed in any new space. We then conduct a detailed feasibility assessment of the potential opportunities for deciding on the path forward.


Q:        How did you discover Sucralfate as an attractive target for Gulbrandsen Technologies? 

PC:       In 2016 we discovered that third party integrators were supplying Aluminum Chloralhydrate (ACH) to the Pharma industry. By digging deep down the value chain, we found a very interesting space for us in the manufacture of Anti-Ulcerant Sucralfate active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).


Q:        What made Gulbrandsen Technologies decide to go ahead with the project – and ultimately build the new Sucralfate API plant? 

PC:       We determined that there is a growing market for Anti-Ulcerants. We also found out that there are no major quality Sucralfate manufacturers in India. This gap provided us with an opportunity to differentiate ourselves in the Sucralfate space.

Our due diligence also informed us that the Sucralfate formulators truly value consistent high quality, strict regulatory compliance, and supply assurance which is perfectly aligned with GTI’s mission, vision and values.

Once the project checked all our internal criteria for approval, we decided to move forward.


Q:        What can you tell us about the new plant? 

PC:       The plant has been designed as per the highest GMP standards and is completely state of the art. It has been designed to make Sucralfate with the highest quality standards and to compete with the best suppliers in the world.


Q:        How does Sucralfate work and why is it important? 

PC:       When Sucralfate is ingested, it forms a protective barrier between the stomach acid and the ulcer’s surface. It attaches to the ulcer and blocks interaction with the acid, protecting the damaged tissue so it can heal. Otherwise, the stomach lining continues to further deteriorate.

There is also research being done on new applications for Sucralfate in preventing infection and protecting other parts of the body from ongoing tissue degradation, such as in the case of severe diabetes.


Q:        Why should Sucralfate producers choose Gulbrandsen Technologies as a supplier? 

PC:       Pharmaceutical formulation companies need our APIs to make the final medicine taken by patients. It’s mission critical for them to pick a supplier that delivers the highest quality they can rely on – and with absolute confidence in security of API supply, with 100% regulatory compliance.

Our location in Gujarat also helps ensure that consumer needs for Anti-Ulcerants will be met in regional markets close to home – as well as key markets worldwide. At GTI, we take our responsibility seriously to make the world a better place through science, and getting medicine to everyone who needs it is an important step in fulfilling that goal.