Innovative Antiperspirant Actives created by our world-class R&D

Experience meets innovation for more effective and longer lasting antiperspirant actives

With our proven R&D expertise fueled by a commitment to innovation, GTI is always looking to bring you the next great thing in personal care product advancement. GTI offers a comprehensive range of antiperspirant actives for the deodorant industry. Guided by our unwavering commitment to innovation, we partner with our clients to formulate customized products. By investing in cutting-edge R&D to engineer efficient manufacturing processes, GTI meets the market demand. We design and deliver innovative and effective products at scale, to our customers around the globe.

Our range of products

Achieve Activated ACH Powders & Liquids

Achieve ZAG Powders and Liquids

Achieve AZAG Powders and Liquids

The Gulbrandsen Plus Series

Achieve AERO+


  • Enhanced performance led by patented molecule yields
  • Anti-stain, anti-white marks achieved with unique morphology
  • Non-irritating performance delivered with expertise

Achieve DRY ON+

Roll Ons/Gels

  • Highest performing AP Active on market in terms of efficacy
  • Beats patented gel actives

Achieve AP+

Sticks/Soft Solids

  • Achieves sweat reduction
  • Paradigm shift for Stick APs

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